We are planning to develop regenerative therapy using somatic stem cells and immuno-cell therapy using immune cells.

Regenerative therapy

Somatic stem cells exist in the bone marrow, adipose tissues and placenta, and have the capability to promote repairing of an inflammation tissue site by anti-inflammation effects and secretion of growth factors. Regenerative therapy is aimed to improve the function of cells in a lesion site by administration of somatic stem cells. The somatic stem cells isolated from a tissue are expanded or differentiated ex vivo for clinical use and are administrated into a lesion site of the patient. Some of these regenerative therapies, including those targeting cartilage and skin, are already commercialized.

Immuno-cell therapy

When the immune system can no longer control cancer cells, which emerges in the cancer patient’s body for variety of reasons, cancer cells can inexhaustibly proliferate. Immuno-cell therapy is aimed to re-control the proliferation of cancer cells by “artificially” eliciting the immune response against cancer cells ex vivo. Immune cells derived from the patient’s peripheral blood are isolated and cultured for their activation. The activated immune cells are then administrated into the patient for successful cancer treatment therapy.