Pioneering of New Drugs

We develop new drugs to contribute both the health of people and the progress of medical treatment

Medical technology, public hygiene and improved nutrition has brought us the extension of a healthy life expectancy. On the other hand, the number of patients with lifestyle diseases, such as cancer or cardiac dysfunctions, is drastically increasing because of irregular lifestyles, overstress, lack of exercise and/or an unbalanced diet. To accommodate the recent changes in disease trends, the pharmaceutical industry is developing drug products made of biologically active substances, such as proteins/antibodies, nucleic acid/genes and cells/tissue. The development of these innovative products is largely due to the advancement of medical science, especially in regard to genomic medicine and stem cell medicine. In fact, such drugs are now starting to appear in the drug market. Furthermore, to approach a future extension of a healthy life expectancy pharmaceutical developers must rely not only on advanced medical science but also on information science, such as ICT, as a means to understand and progress the reality of the individualized medical care approach.

VICX is committed to adopting these changes in pharmaceutical development to advance superior medical care. We believe that our business plan can address unmet patient needs in a rapid, ethical fashion by taking advantage of the advances in medical science, product in-licensing from the global pharmaceutical market and identification of opportunities currently stuck in the research stage.


The VICX Logo

Translational Research

The curved V line expresses “a death valley” in the development of drug products. The line on the top expresses our “translational research”, which aims to translate findings in fundamental research into medical practice with meaningful outcomes. Since our core business is translational research, we are aiming to make the depth of the valley more shallow with our translational research. Our logo expresses our desire to promote promising leads into practical use by progressing the development of new medicines and therapies both accurately and promptly.


The combination of the two lines becomes a smiling mouth. We are hoping that our therapeutics make everyone smile; not just the patients who benefit directly from these therapeutics, but also their family members and society as a whole.


The combination of the two lines also looks like a ladle. Since it is a tool to “spoon up”, the logo also implies that our corporate mission is to consider all promising leads in research in order to promote and advance new medicines and therapies.

Growth of the Company

The overall appearance of our logo advances upward and diagonally to the right, representing our commitment to speedy and accurate products with an outlook to the future of medicine and the growth of our company.